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Roquiejonatan 2014-12-15 08:13:28

JohnK,Don't mean to pick your brain; it's killing me to find out how the grasetet cartoonist/ animators are adapting to the change of the tech world. I was watching the behind the scenes of the Star War Clones Cartoon, and Gendy T. had this set up tha blew me away. A Cyntiq animation disk. Do you have set up like that? When you do use the Cyntiq, do you have it set up at angle to where you can move around, use your shoulders while drawing, do you work flat on a desk? also....One of my family members(Lee M.) did some work for you about 8 years ago on the Old Navy Big Pocket Jeans commercials. He worked with the timming the out part. He worked out of my house. It was really neat watching this guy work on a Spumco cartoon in my own house, and great John K. even called and left a message on my answer machine. Small world. Ken

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