Blondes have fun at the seaside

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Sweet tender hotties relax in shallow waters dressed in sexy bikinis. They promptly remove their tops off and begin caressing each other, it doesn't take long until they are fully nude.

Added: 03 Dec 2013
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Mina 2014-12-15 18:39:14

Definitely it's a shame to associate a dissaee's name with a person's legacy so closely. Someone must have thought that was wise at the time (maybe for raising awareness) but it's a mistake. Thinking about fame and athletes, I wonder if Gehrig and others before, say, 1970, were more or less famous than similar stars today. Just in a general sense: were people more involved with sports and their sports idols? I have the impression that there were fewer sports and athletes known nationwide, since TV and radio were more limited than all of today's outlets. So giant athletes of 50 years ago were probably more famous than any given sports hero is today. There are exceptions, for sure. There are stars today who are global phenomena Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Rubens Barrichello, are names that'd be understood all over the place. OK, maybe Formula 1 racing stars like Rubens aren't household names but I'm still interested in this whole topic. In 50 more years, how many athletes in our unlimited-channel universe will be so famous as Gehrig, or Jordan?

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