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Added: 05 Nov 2014
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Diego 2014-12-15 17:41:50

HEllo Nathalie, awesome photo! again Avignon spekas in the streets.Well my comment here will be a bit rambling and dreamy.I beleive in freedom of speech as far as we can take that.If this band had performed their number on their own stage and not in a cathedral then I would be backing them up one hundred percent.apparently, as stated by the one member that was released they are going to continue with their protests.well they are courageous and I wish them luck.anyway back to my opinion on this. Yes freedom of speech is good but so is freedom of worship. and people who attend this cathedral have a right to worship in an environment that is respectful.this performance is not acceptable or respectful for the cathedral.if this was allowed then what next in the cathedral.Religion ceremony is founded on ritual and this is blasphemy.Ifeel that it is fair to give legal consequences for their actions.but to cage them up like animals I do not agree with.But then the entire penal system is brought to light here.In Canada, especially with youth offenders community work is often given instead of incarceration.The offenders often find that they prefer to help the community then to destroy a case like this, (well this is a dream) but it would be nice if the band could perform a concert and give the money to charity of the orthodox church.or they could be fined with the funds going to the church. but yes to lock them up like animals just doesnt seem to fit.Vive le Freedom of SPEEch!!!!!!Vive le Freedom to Worship!!!!!wonderful presentation Nathalie.(Religion can be a farce but it doesnt have to be. Some people gain a lot strength from religion and religion gives a lot to charity.Ok you dont have to have religion to give charity but you cant knock the church for when it does!

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